Five Underrated Dinners

7 years ago by Lor

We all have those evenings when we’re too lazy to cook and so we resort to easy peasy classics. These dinners require minimum effort and we always forget how mind-blowingly delicious they actually are! Sometimes the simplest meals really are the best.

Here are our top five underrated dinners:

Beans on toast

It may be seen as a student dinner but you’d struggle to beat the comforting warmth of beans on toast. The crunchy toast with the squidgy beans and tomato sauce is delicious in itself but add a pinch of pepper and a sprinkling of cheese, and you have heaven on a plate right there.

Jacket potato

Oh, the lowly potato. People look down on you but they clearly aren’t appreciating your versatility and tastiness. Whether you like to keep it simple with butter only or go more extravagant with prawn-mayo or chilli, there’s no denying that a jacket potato is a filling crowd-pleaser.

Hot dogs

Ok, it’s a sausage in a bun, but there is something so satisfying about eating one of these babies at a barbecue in the summer or by a bonfire in the winter; a true all-season dinner! Stick with ketchup and mustard or make it a next level dog by adding onions, salsa or even an egg!

Tuna pasta bake

Pasta = good, cheese = good, tuna = good. There is nothing not to like about a hearty tuna pasta bake! This weekday dinner classic is rich and carby, and always has the family digging in for seconds, plus it makes an excellent lunch for the next day (if there’s any left).

Egg and soldiers

Eggs! Another incredibly adaptable ingredient that can be whisked up into so many different culinary creations. Our fave has to be egg and soldiers simply for that first dip of a soldier that makes the silky yolk overflow. Salt and pepper are must, and if you’re feeling really adventurous a tiny sprinkle of chilli flakes will give it a kick!


Do you agree with our list? Have anything to add? Let us know in the comments below!