What does your favourite pasta say about you?*

7 years ago by Lor

Pasta is such a versatile dinner. It can be quick and easy or a labour of love. Either way, we all have our favourite type; what does yours say about you?

Spaghetti – you’re flexible

Much like spaghetti, you’re flexible and go with the flow. You might come across as a bit straight-laced and rigid when people first meet you, but once they get to know you they realise you adapt to any situation and bend over backwards for your friends.

Penne – you’re creative

Just as exciting as it is when delicious pasta sauce pops into your mouth from the middle of a piece of penne, you are full of surprises! Your creativity knows no bounds and you’re always bursting with creative ideas.

Farfalle – you’re quick-witted

Farfalle is as smart as a bow-tie and so are you. You are super intelligent, quick-witted and ready for anything life throws at you.

Lasagne – you’re homey

Just like lovingly made lasagne, you love your home comforts. You’d choose a cozy night in with a nice dinner and a good movie over going out any day and you’re ok with that. You love going on holiday but it’s always nice to get back into your own bed.

Macaroni – you’re energetic

Macaroni proves that good things come in small packages and you are like a bundle of energy; spontaneous and always needing something to do otherwise you’re bouncing off the walls!

Which one are you?

*This is completely made up and just a bit of fun!