Tipps Top Ten Doughnuts

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It’s National Doughnut Week – not that we need an excuse to eat these deep-fried doughy treats. It doesn’t matter if you prefer them filled or glazed, baked or deep-fried – there is a doughnut to suit any taste. So, ready yourselves for a serious sugar rush as we pick out our favourites. These are our Tipps Top Ten.


Dunns Bakery – Crouch End

Dunn’s is a big supporter of National Doughnut Week, which means they probably know what they are doing. Masters of the American classics from the iced and sprinkled ringed doughnuts to the jam-filled ones, these deep fried doughy treats will have you coming back for more.

Dunns Bakery


Bread Ahead – Borough Market

Bread Ahead were one of the first to sell gourmet doughnuts and have since garnered a cult following. Their soft balls of dough are distinguished by the way their fillings ooze out of the sugar dusted pastry and flavours include orange and cardamon custard, vanilla custard, and homemade raspberry jam. These doughnuts make for messy eating but are absolutely delicious.

Bread Ahead


St John – Bermondsey

The poshest doughnuts on the list comes from the bakery of the renowned restaurant, St John. These decadent beauties boast some of the most vibrant fillings including butterscotch, chocolate, coffee, pistachio, vanilla custard and more! These luxury doughnuts are pure indulgence.

St John


Dum Dum Donutterie – Shoreditch

The artisan doughnuts from Dum Dums are baked instead of fried and the array of natural flavours to choose from is overwhelming. The crème brûlée doughnut which is covered in a sweet caramel glaze and piped with vanilla custard is heavenly but we also recommend the best-selling Zebra flavour. This mouth-watering croissant doughnut (cronut) is made up layers of croissant dough and chocolate croissant dough, filled with lush chocolate buttercream and topped with chocolate ganache.

Dum Dums


Crosstown Doughnuts – Soho

Crosstown’s gourmet doughnuts are not only unique but utterly irresistible. Made from a sourdough base, they are not as sweet as the classic doughnut but they are smothered with heaps of delicious toppings. The immaculate attention to detail is clear from every glazed doughnut on display, and the taste is truly out of this world. The vast range of flavours include chocolate orange, coffee custard, creme brûlée and the delicious matcha.

Crosstown Doughnuts


Fisher & Donaldson – St Andrews, Cupar and Dundee.

Fisher & Donaldson’s ‘famous’ fudge doughnut has quite the cult following. The circle of delight is a combination of creamy fudge icing and custard atop a fluffy doughnut. Sweet and delicious, these ‘fudgies’ have caused the bakery to go through 10 tones of fudge and 20 tonnes of custard every year! It’s no wonder when they taste so good. They have seven shops in St Andrews, Cupar and Dundee.

Fisher & Donaldson


Tantrum Doughnuts – Glasgow

The gourmet doughnuts at Tantrum Doughnuts are made from a very light but satisfying brioche dough. The definitive highlight is the creme brûlée which oozes a smooth and rich vanilla custard. The flavours and toppings are updated regularly depending on the season, with some holiday specials thrown in too. If you are looking for something new then the pistachio and hibiscus is certainly one to try with its subtle and delicate flavour.

Tantrum Doughnuts


The Nottingham Doughnut Company – Nottingham

Nottingham Doughnut Company has rows and rows of the most gooey and delicious doughnut creations. The Peanut Butter doughnut deserves special mention but the Nottingham Mars and Red Velvet are well recommended too. What makes this company stand out even more though is their dedication to creating vegan options too which includes the yummy Oreo doughnuts. There is something for everyone here!

The Nottingham Doughnut Company


Glazed Coffee – Brighton

Dedicated to the art of coffee and doughnuts, this little shop also creates a vegan variety of this soft and doughy treat. With flavours guaranteed to have you craving more, opt for either the crunchy peanut butter, sweet cinnamon sugar, or the blissful chocolate and coconut doughnuts which are all very popular. The menu is always changing though so look at for special additions such as the pistachio baklava.

Glazed Coffee


The Depot Bakery – Sheffield

The Depot Bakery offers a varied selection of sourdough, baguettes, bagels and sweet muffins but their doughnuts are the real winners. Fillings range from the delectable mango and passionfruit, chocolate and chilli, cookies and cream and more. This place will certainly satisfy any sweet tooth.

The Depot Bakery


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