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You can never go wrong with burgers. Whether they are stacked high with aged beef patties, oozing with melted cheese or topped with crispy bacon, we are always craving more. So, the team at Tipps have decided to search high and low for the most succulent mouth-watering meaty buns in the UK. Here are our Tipps Top Ten.

Boss Burgers – Leeds

TripAdvisor named Boss Burgers as one of the top 5 burger restaurants in the the UK back in 2015 and it’s a reputation they still live up to. The meat which is juicy and cooked to perfection is sourced from different cuts of grass-fed Yorkshire cattle. From the small menu of six burger options the stand out is the ‘Smokeback Mountain’, which comes with smoked back bacon, cheddar, lettuce, smoked BBQ sauce and the homemade Boss mayo. All patties here are wedged between a delightful brioche bun.


© Boss Burgers


Fat Hippo Underground – Newcastle

The Fat Hippo Underground which sources its meat locally from North East, serves up their signature ‘Fat Hippo’ burger with two patties topped with cheese, streaky bacon, chorizo, onion rings and house sauce stuffed in a brioche bun. However, if you fancy something a bit more quirky we recommend the ‘PB+J’ which brings together a double patty, peanut butter, bacon jam and cheese. Daring, but an amazing combination of flavour.

© Fat Hippo Underground


Solita Bar and Grill – Manchester

Although Solita doesn’t focus just on burgers the ones they serve up are impressive enough to make it on this list. We recommend the ‘Once in a Lifetime’ which brings together a double patty, pulled pork, buttermilk chicken, crispy bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce. If you want something a little more manageable though the popular ‘Big Manc’, consisting of two patties, sweet pickles,
Monterey Jack cheese and Solita’s very own burger sauce will keep you satisfied.

© Solita


Original Patty Men – Birmingham

As winners of ‘Best Burger in the UK 2014’ at The British Street Food Awards, Original Patty Men serve up a tastebud sensation through their range of juicy meat and buns. Their 5-week dry aged Longhorn beef patties come topped with anything from maple coated bacon to gooey American cheese. Like others on this list, they are not ones to shy away from unusual flavours as their ‘Big Vernes Krispy Ring’ burger is served in a grilled glazed doughnut. Yes, really.

© Original Patty Men


Fear X Loathing – Sheffield

Fear X Loathing’s juicy burger menu caters to all tastes including beef, chicken and veggie. The dry-aged steak meat comes from a Derbyshire farm and each patty is cooked pink to perfection. The recommend ‘Juicy Cheeseburger’ comes with minced onion, sweet pickles, melted cheese, lettuce and plenty of the company’s own ‘juicy sauce’. So, if you fancy something succulent come savour these burger juices.

© Fear X Loathing


Bleecker – Spitalfields and Victoria

For a deliciously satisfying burger, head to the hugely popular Bleecker at Spitalfields Market. Made from juicy and crisp dry-aged beef there is a remarkable amount of flavour in this meat even before it is slathered in cheese and the Bleeker secret sauce. It’s no wonder why this burger brand has quickly become a cult favourite among burger munchers. We recommend the ‘Double Cheeseburger’ for twice as much satisfaction.

© Bleecker


Patties from Patty & Bun are made from 35-day aged Aberdeen Angus beef, giving it true and rich flavours. We recommend their signature burger, the ‘Ari Gold’, which is made up of a smoky mayo, oozing cheese, juicy medium-rare beef and held together by a delightfully sweet brioche bun. This is definitely a burger which is hard to beat, but just a slight heads up – these buns are on the messy side, so come prepared!

© Patty & Bun


Honest Burgers – Various locations in London

Burgers at Honest are simply stunning. The patties here are made from highly-flavoured dry-aged beef sourced from The Ginger Pig, and are stacked with the likes of pickled cucumbers, melted cheddar and chargrilled bacon. The finishing touch to the masterpiece is of course the toasted brioche bun. This place is definitely deserving of its place on the list of best burgers in the UK.

© Honest Burgers


Le Bun – Dalston and Peckham

The French American menu at the popular street food Le Bun includes many tempting and creative burger options including the popular ‘Le Duck Frites Bun’ and the ‘Cheeseburger Bloody Mary’ which features a mini cheeseburger as a cocktail garnish – so cute! However, if you are after a more standard burger we recommend the moorish ‘Le Truffle Cheeseburger’ which is constructed using a juicy patty with melted American cheese and the creamiest truffle mayonnaise.

© Le Bun


MEATliquor/ MEATmission/ MEATmarket – various locations in London

The MEAT family is a growing chain of burger restaurants. Each location has a slightly different menu but all feature the sloppy signature that is the ‘Dead Hippie’, consisting of two patties fried in mustard, gooey melted cheese, diced onions, sweet pickled gherkins and a secret ‘hippie sauce’. All components deliver on texture and flavour to create a messy but delicious burger package.

© MEATMission


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