The best things in life are free…

7 years ago by Lor

…but sometimes they need to be funded by advertising

We’ve had a lot of feedback and strong reactions to the new layout that only half of our users are seeing at the moment, and it’s fair to say that it’s not all positive; we’ve even had calls to sack our designer, Kat! (Well, we couldn’t get rid of her that easily but we did send her to bed with no dinner yesterday).

As lots of you have gathered, the new layout will help us gain extra ad revenue and therefore allow us to provide you with bigger and better prizes!

Yes, it might take you a few seconds longer to see all the winners and it may take a few visits to get used to the new layout but it will ultimately benefit you. Plus, we’ll be making improvements to make the site more user friendly and ultimately provide you with bigger and better prizes, and additional chances to win.

Here are some handy tips to help you see if you’re a winner:

  • – We let you know how many winners there are at the top of the page and that number stays visible as you scroll so you can count off the winners as you see them to make sure you don’t miss any
  • – Look out for the white ‘DINNER WINNER’ boxes! These hold the names and pictures of winners that have not yet claimed their prizes. The boxes of dinner winners who have claimed their prize will go pink
  • – If you are a winner, you will see a pink ‘Claim’ button so you won’t miss out as long as you check every day


We know the new layout feels like a big change, but there are lots things that remain the same:

  • – We still give away at least three free dinners every day, plus rollovers from members who haven’t claimed their prizes, so the number of winners varies each day
  • – We still have lots of great foodie offers for your delectation
  • – We still let you know in hours, minutes and seconds how long you’ve got until the next draw
  • – We’ll still send you a daily email reminder to help you remember to check if you’re a winner

We hope that helps and we still wish you lots of luck in the draw!