Takeaway, but not as you know it

7 years ago by Lor

Ordering a takeaway doesn’t have to mean heavy, rich foods or bloated, uncomfortable tummies. As the weather gets warmer appetites can reduce, but that doesn’t mean the takeaways have to stop! Here’s how you can eat a little lighter but still indulge in your favourite dinner by changing your order slightly:


Gone are the days when Nando’s just meant chicken and chips. The restaurant’s menu has increased dramatically in recent years to include steak and veggie options. If you’re looking for a super healthy dinner, there are now five fabulous salad options which you can add the classic Peri Peri chicken to. These aren’t just any old salads, they will properly fill you up and make you feel good at the same time with the best ingredients including quinoa, sweet potato, avocado and olives.

Nando’s Quinoa Salad


Pizza Express

With its special Leggera (Italian for “light”) range, it’s easy to eat clean at Pizza Express. The Superfood Salad is under 500 calories and has an incredible combination of colours and flavours which include; black rice, edamame beans, red quinoa, and cranberries, to name but a few! We can’t blame you if you really, really can’t go to Pizza Express without ordering, well, pizza – it is their speciality after all. You could try the Leggera American Hot, which is under 600 calories, but still has all the deliciousness of the original. If you can’t resist dessert, there’s even a light option in the form of a dairy-free Raspberry Sorbet. Now, pass me a spoon!

Pizza Express Leggera American Hot


Jamie’s Italian

There is a very helpful “Healthy” tick box on the Jamie’s Italian website which helps you to choose the lighter options, and against every item on the menu there is an information button which provides you with all the nutritional data you need to make healthy choices. Healthy in no way means bland at Jamie’s Italian where you could choose from a new Sicilian Chicken dish which consists of a half a chicken in a spicy tomato and aubergine sauce, British Crab Spaghetti (yum!) or a Classic Super Food Salad (double yum!) For dessert choose the zingy Lemon Sorbet to refresh your palate.

Jamie’s Italian British Crab Spaghetti


Just Eat

Instead of heading straight for pizza, fish and chips, or kebab, it is possible to order from Just Eat with a good diet in mind. Go for restaurants which have grilled meat rather than deep fried and lots of colourful vegetables rather than beige, beige and more beige. Choose cuisines such as Japanese, Caribbean and Mediterranean which offer lots of fresh seafood and tasty options straight off the grill. If you must go for Indian then pick dry meat and steamed rice over curries which can be greasy, and if you’re going for Chinese don’t get carried away and over do it on the order; you might be hungry but don’t let your eyes be bigger than your belly!

Just Eat


So, now you know, you can eat takeaway to your heart’s content without the dreaded bloat! Hurrah!

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