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7 years ago by Lor

There are lots of deliver-to-your-door fresh food box companies out there these days, a few which have offers on Win a Dinner. The boxes are a great option for busy people who don’t necessarily have time to get down the shops, nor the headspace to think about creative recipes that are both easy to cook and healthy.

The lovely Ashley, one of the Win a Dinner team, decided to give Hello Fresh a go. As well as working hard on our admin, she’s also an actor and a director, and runs her own theatre company, so she’s a very busy lady. Here’s what she said about it:

Initial thoughts…
“The first couple of boxes are an absolute steal at half price through the Win a Dinner offer, but even without the discount the cost per person, per meal still only works out at around £5, which is no more than I would spend if I was shopping myself.”

The ordering process…
“I’ve been cutting down on my meat intake recently so I went for the Veggie Box for two people. It was super easy to place my order and was able to choose a specific date for delivery – perfect.”

The recipes…
“You don’t get a choice of which recipes you get, you just receive the same as every other Hello Fresh member signed up to the same box. This was ok for me and my housemates as we’re not fussy and don’t have any specific dietary needs, but would be disappointing if we had fancied anything in particular or had any allergies or intolerances.”

Cheesy Lentil Hotpot


The box…
“The ingredients were of a really high quality and really fresh, as promised. The only thing I would say is that there was an awful lot of packaging which wasn’t completely necessary, in my opinion. We also had one courgette missing, but I can turn a blind eye to that this time.”

Butternut Squash Coconut Dahl


The dinner…
“Our first box contained ingredients and recipes for a cheesy lentil hotpot, a butternut squash coconut dahl and Mexican beanie tostadas. I have to say every single one was absolutely delicious. I loved the fact that they were each so varied and really tasty. The portions were huge and easily lasted us for more than one meal each, which made it even better value for money than I originally thought.”

Mexican Beanie Tostadas


“Although I thought Hello Fresh was excellent and the food was good, being unable to choose the recipes each week and the fact that allergies cannot be catered for is enough for me to consider trying a different but similar service so I have a comparison. Who knows, maybe I’ll go full circle and go back to Hello Fresh, but for now I’ve decided it’s not quite right for me. Watch this space…”

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