Our favourite cuisines from around the world!

7 years ago by Lor

Dinner is our favourite time of the day and we like to travel around the world with our flavours. Today in the Win a Dinner office we’ve been discussing our favourite cuisines…

Ash: Mexican

Fajitas, burritos, quesadillas; basically anything in a wrap is good with me. I’ve been eating a lot less meat recently and Mexican is great for making super tasty vegetarian food! It’s always full of beans and peppers and courgettes and of course cheese, all of which I love to eat, plus it’s super easy to make at home.


Grace: Thai

I absolutely adore Thai food. The combination of flavours that you find in Thai cooking is totally heavenly to me. It’s not too heavy and really healthy. I love seafood so a prawn pad thai or green curry is my absolute fave.


Kat: Indian

I love the colour and variety that Indian cuisine offers. It’s often really healthy with lots of grilled chicken and fish in delicious tandoori flavours. Hot and spicy food is right up my street which is another reason why I love Indian food. It must be impossible to eat a bland meal in India!


Seb: Vietnamese

I am half Vietnamese and half French so it was tough to choose between the two renowned yet completely different cuisines, however I’ve tipped towards Vietnamese. I love coriander and all the fresh herbs that you find in Vietnamese cooking which make it so tasty!


Chris: Pan-asian

The complexity of Asian flavours is absolutely amazing to me. The tastes all the way through from Thailand to Malaysia to Nepal are so completely different but all totally delicious. There’s just so much choice and we’re lucky enough to be able to get hold of the ingredients to have a go at making the recipes ourselves or to go out to a restaurant and let the experts do the cooking.


Laura: Mediterranean

The fresh ingredients and healthy way of cooking them is why I love Mediterranean food so much. The flavours are simple but incredible! I can never get enough of all the grilled fish, meat and vegetables, along with the delicious dips and salads. That right there is a spread to die for!


What is your cuisine of choice? Tell us what and why in the comments below!