Most disliked childhood meals uncovered!

7 years ago by Lor

We all had that one meal that our parents would give us as kids that we wouldn’t go anywhere near now that we’re adults and can cook for ourselves!

Here is the Win a Dinner’s office collection:

Chris: Really mild and sweet curry with carrots and raisins, plus waterlogged rice!


Kat: Mr Brain’s pork faggots. They were probably actually quite tasty, it was just the name that was really off-putting!


Laura: Chicken in peppercorn sauce out of a jar. My parents were actually really good cooks but this midweek meal was overpoweringly peppercorn-y and accompanied by boil in the bag rice. Not their culinary best.


Grace: My mum used to make her own fishfingers which we absolutely hated, we’d stuff them up our sleeves and then flush them down the loo!


What did you hate as a kid that you would never cook now? Let us know in the comments below!